CampusOne Schloss Gottesaue - Hoschule für Musik Karlsruhe

Specialized sections

There are six specialist groups at the University of Music Karlsruhe:

Section Wind instruments, percussion, harp
Director: Prof. Julius Kircher

Section Conducting
Director: Prof. Matthias Beckert

Section Voice
Director: Prof. Friedemann Röhlig

Section Composition, music theory, music education, musicology
Director: Prof. Michael Moriz

Section String instruments
Director: Prof. Laurent Albrecht Breuninger

Section Keyboard instruments, guitar
Director: Prof. Markus Stange


All lecturers in areas of study meet in groups dedicated to a single discipline to discuss and decide matters pertinent to teaching and organization. For important subjects, student representatives are invited. At least two sessions are held each semester.

In addition, an annual area of study day is scheduled, bringing together all faculty members. At this major conference, important topics are discussed. The Area of Study Day promotes communicative exchange. Through commitment  to common goals, it creates a high degree of motivation, requiring personal engagement from all for students and university personnel. This makes it a particularly useful and effective vehicle for quality control.

On a monthly scheduled date, university administration with directors of areas of study and institutes, exchange essential information. University projects are collectively considered, and plans and suggestions weighed to improve teaching and organizational efficiency.

Study commissions are appointed by the Senate, comprising up to ten members, including four students. Under the directorship of Vice-Rectors, questions about study programs are discussed, with suggestions and decisions forwarded to the relevant study areas and the Rector’s office.