Equal Opportunities Officer

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Equal Opportunities Commission Members


Prof. Dr. Nanny Drechsler
Equal Opportunities Officer
E nanny.drechsler@hfm-karlsruhe.de

Office hours
Tuesday, noon - 1 pm
Fany Solter House, room 118



Prof. Roberto Domingos
Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer
E robertodomingos@me.com

Prof. Andrea Raabe
E andrea.raabe@hfm-karlsruhe.de

Prof. Laurent Albrecht Breuninger
E laurent.breuninger@yahoo.de

Dominik Salber
Student representative
E dominiksalber@web.de

Shirley Wick
Student representative
E shirley-wick@web.de


The Equal Opportunities Committee usually meets once per semester. 

Equal Opportunities Officer

Its duties include working for equal opportunity for all university members. According to §4 of the State University Act, this includes gender equality and reducing discrimination. The Equal Opportunities Commission works to achieve:

  • Promotion of women through increased consideration with equal suitability in appointment procedures as well as proactive invitations, increased programmation of female composers, acquisition of sound and musical material, and a keyword search for female composers in the univerisity library catalog.

  • Support the compatibility of work/ study and family.

  • Studying or teaching parents are welcome to contact us to inform us of helpful reforms.

  • Events to deal with the interpretative dimensions of the gender concept in musical history discourse.


Further information

Equality & sexual harassment
Equal Opportunities Officer / Deputy Lecturer

Treating each other respectfully (PDF, in German language)
Flyer of the University of Music Karlsruhe against discrimination, transgressing limits, abuse of power.

AllerleiRauh - Municipal advice center for victims of sexual violence
E allerleirauh@sjb.karlsruhe.de

AllerleiRauh - advice center for people 27 years old and younger. Help and support for sexual violence.

Anti-Discrimination Agency Karlsruhe
E ads@stja.de

Anti-Discrimination Agency of the City of Karlsruhe - Advisory Services of the City of Karlsruhe


Conflicts during studies
AStA, Equality Commission, Rectorate


Mental stress
Psychotherapeutic counselling centre for students
E pbs@sw-ka.de

Talking Therapist Ev-Marie Bezner-Krieger (Kontakt über den AStA)
→ both offers are free and confidential


Musician Health
Prof. Dr. Norbert Holstein (ENT and further education in music medicine)
E prof.holstein@t-online.de

Prof. Dr. med. Benita Kuni
(Orthopaedics, when registering as a student of the HfM Preference for appointments)


Addiction counselling
Drug counselling of the city of Karlsruhe
E jdb@karlsruhe.de


Housing & Finances
Karlsruhe Student Union